Saturday, February 28, 2009

i feel like i don't know how to talk to this blog right now. have been sucked up in school and the poetry blog and writing and wanting. have been writing about the sea. i came out here, after being landlocked my whole life, knowing something would have to happen, wondering what the ocean would do to me. what is happening? water. all of it, everywhere.
that's all for now. no earth, no border, no centered edge. i'm ready.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

fucking grammar

damn, i really let this go for a while. ah yes, the are you?
what to do? when u feel it all? can't type when typing is breaking. clap of cowbell. if i am obtuse, forgive me. i was only going to stay a small while. nonsense for no reason, isn't it? oh so often. soften. this one in that.
try this: make it fast. begin at the top of my syntax, loop fingers like pocket-holes, stay in close contact, full out rebellion. the light that hurts to see. i cannot tell u what i mean. bending the corners to fit a different place where my concerns are apparent. i curl at the edges. fins of transparent red fish. a gill, breathing.
walking in the evening, a similarity is countering. a wall is hardening. mortar and spackle. semi-soft appetite. the star-like light of fireworks. the ripple of reflection and trying to make sense. the failure. the repetition of slight water. a most constant ringing, a welcome lie. to turn in a circle: telling the thing from the inside, out. eye against eye. sucked into water-funnel, funnel-cloud, tornado, maelstrom. after effect, on the avenue, the way the sun shines now.